1184926_10200636369812303_526666087_nhi everyone,

my name is sheila and this is my first attempt at blogging so please bare with me, however, i assure you that all the topics i discuss are my personal experiences and i hope they bring some value to you.

i love fashion; it’s what i think about all day and what i dream about all night. for many years, i experimented with other industries in search of finding what i was truly passionate about. no matter where i was in the world or what i was doing to pay the bills, i always found my way back to the fashion industry. i knew then what my purpose in life was, but i still hadn’t figured out exactly what so i experimented a bit more. my best friend, at the time, and i decided to start a swimwear line that went further than just swimwear… and, the “outfit for the pool” was born. I am talking about, in 2004 when pool parties were more popular than night clubs, when women wanted to look different / stand-out, when no matter who’s swimwear you wore, you were destined to bump into your twin. we created an outfit better yet, an experience. we were the talk of the town. vegas and 944 magazine wrote multiple articles on the brand and the designers behind it. you’d think we made it, but life has a funny way of getting in the way… i got pregnant with my amazing son, diego. the news wasn’t what changed our course,  it had a lot more to do with our lack of experience and the evil of all evils, fear. we tried to bring the brand back to life after a few years, but we were in completely different places in our lives that we decided to put it to rest. it was the hardest decision, but who know’s what life will bring in the years to come…

i started working as an independent brand consultant for a full package apparel company in los angeles, ca and was blessed with the opportunity to work side-by-side a couple of highly skilled women and not to mention, talented emerging designers. i loved being part of multiple brands in their pursuit to designing a collection unique their brand. there is an incredible joy that comes from helping others achieve their dreams. i had, at last, found what i was most passionate about. sometimes it takes longer than we had envisioned, but i believe that what we have been put on this earth to do, eventually surfaces and the rest falls into place. i recently parted ways with the apparel company to fulfill my dream as an entrepreneur.

a person once told me, do what you love and the success will follow; she was right, i’m living it!


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